We strengthen the community by enabling donors to create charitable funds that address the needs of your nonprofit
This organization was established to respond to continuously changing and emerging community needs. The Foundation has many donors whose combined gifts can address many areas of concern including arts and culture, preservation, education, health, social services, youth, the elderly, economic development, faith groups and civic affairs. As a community foundation we serve the needs of nonprofits in Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange counties.

Endowed Designated Funds

Non-Endowed Donor Advised Funds

Non-endowed Donor Advised Funds are awarded to various nonprofit recipients at the request of the donor with approval from the board throughout the year.
All grants made from endowed, designated funds are distributed in January. The amount of the grant is determined by the rate set by the Board. The Board’s decision is based on the value of the fund on December 31st of the preceding year. As much as 5% of the value of the fund may be awarded.

Unrestricted Funds

Competitive Grants from the earnings of the Foundation’s "unrestricted funds" are awarded once a year with the application process beginning in January. The amount available for grants is determined by the Board and varies according to the market value of the funds.
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In 2022, The Foundation supported local nonprofits thanks to the generosity and partnership of Southeast Texas donors




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The Foundation financially supports and subscribes to the seen and unseen needs of nonprofits in Southeast Texas by encouraging invested donors to look forward by giving back.