The Foundation for Southeast Texas provides donors with a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving.
Invest in the causes you care about most
Contribute among a wide variety of assets
Receive tax advantages for gifts under federal law
The Foundation is a public charity that accepts funds, manages them, and distributes them to the Southeast Texas community. This organization was established to respond to continuously changing and emerging community needs. The Foundation has many donors whose combined gifts can address many areas of concern including arts and culture, preservation, education, health, social services, youth, the elderly, economic development, faith groups and civic affairs.

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Start A Fund

Give Any Amount

Many choose to give smaller gifts to the unrestricted Community Opportunity Fund, rather than starting their own fund. The earnings of the Community Opportunity Fund are used for competitive grants to area nonprofits.
A donor may give any amount to any existing fund or create his own named fund with a gift of $10,000 or more. A fund can be established and built over a period of 5 years. We offer a wide variety of funds suited to meet the needs of the donor, including Endowed Designated Funds, Donor Advised Funds and Unrestricted Funds.

Join A Giving Circle

Support a cause with likeminded individuals by starting or joining a giving circle. Together, the groups within a giving circle decide where the pooled funds will be distributed.

Become A Philanthropist

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The Foundation financially supports and subscribes to the seen and unseen needs of nonprofits in Southeast Texas by encouraging invested donors to look forward by giving back.