Who We've Helped: The Texas Ramp Project

March 18, 2023
A black and white photo of a group of people wearing Foundation t shirts listening to a speaker

The Texas Ramp Project believes in building freedom for the homebound. There are thousands of people in the United States who struggle to leave their home because they simply can't maneuver on their own. At the Texas Ramp Project, ramps are provided without regard for age, gender, religion, race, or ethnicity.

"How can you transform a person's life in a single morning? By providing a wheelchair ramp for a neighbor who has trouble leaving home because of age or disability. Funding from The Foundation for Southeast Texas allows volunteers from the Texas Ramp Project to build several of these ramps--all free to the recipients. The ramps are life-changing and sometimes lifesaving for these vulnerable people, and our volunteers go home feeling good about the few hours they have spent to help them out." - Texas Ramp Project Staff

We want to continue to assist organizations like Texas Ramp Project. If you think building freedom for free is a worthy cause, click here to help continue the mission.

The Foundation financially supports and subscribes to the seen and unseen needs of nonprofits in Southeast Texas by encouraging invested donors to look forward by giving back.